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“Coach Hebner's fielding course has been a very positive experience for my son. Coach quickly identified critical specific improvements and worked diligently to reinforce change. Coach Hebner is a skilled professional forming rapport with players to effect true learning. The classes are challenging, action packed and mixed with a bit of fun. Coach warned me, my son will not be disappointed and I will sign up again; he was right.”

Mark Detrick

“My 14 year old son took Heb’s 6 week son has been on club teams for the last two years and he learned more advanced fielding techniques in six weeks with Heb than is his prior two years with club team coaches…Taking Heb’s clinic has been the best money I have spent on baseball coaching… ever!…..we will be back.”

Tom Cooney

Coach Heb has taken my 10 year old that had never played baseball, to a kid that can compete with other kids that have played for a couple of years! Most coaches teach the group, Coach Heb is able to focus on each player.”

TJ Ernst

“After scouring the baseball lessons/clinics/camps offerings for the past several years, there is finally something highly worthwhile in which to enroll serious students of infield play, Heb's Advanced Infield Camps. This program goes where few even dare to tread and covers more ground than any academy. Jeff Hebner lives and breathes infield play and expertly delivers the goods from his wealth of experience. So succinct and well-delivered is the instruction, that no stone is left unturned and everything infield is analyzed, covered and put into play. For middle infielders, corner infielders and pitchers, Heb's Advanced Infield Camps will noticeably enhance fundamental skills and add confidence for a fraction of the cost of most programs, and with far better results.”

Dave Mills of

"Heb's Infield class is a great class for anyone wanting to be a better infielder. Hebner has taught me multiple transfers that would allow me to fluently switch from fielding position to throwing position quickly and efficiently and applying them to other drills to help me get the feel of each transfer. I like his constructive criticism, breaking us down by our weaknesses, and honesty towards the athlete, not completely breaking us down just to help make us better infielders."

Taryn Yarnell

"Heb puts on a great camp with great instruction. One thing that sets him apart from other instructors is that he has no problem telling you what you are doing wrong and how to correct it. He is straight up and to the point!
Our son has ADD and Heb keeps him focused for the full two hours."

Dave Milton

"Jeff Hebner’s advanced infield camps are absolutely incredible camps. Jeff teaches these young athletes more than what college coaches teach their players. Jeff knows more about the infield positons than any coach I have ever been around, and he is excellent with his students. Whether he is working with a 10 year old Little League player or a 20 year college athlete, he is incredibly effective with his teaching methods. I have seen improvement from every single player in his camp. I highly recommend Jeff Hebner’s Advanced Infield camp for any player who is looking to improve."

Jim Robison

"Heb’s fielding class is fast paced and has really helped with the mechanics for infielders. This class gives infielders and edge and really helps with the fine details needed to get to the next level. We’ve been to other academies in the area and this is the best fielding class around."

Dave Sassaman

"Heb runs a great infield camp. I really like what he teaches and how he teaches it. My son recently went through one of Jeff's camps and couldn't wait to start the next one. Jeff is great with the players and teaches techniques seen in the higher levels in baseball. Highly recommended"

Troy Lovdahl

"If you want to be a more skilled & confident infielder, Jeff Hebner Infield Camps will make you stand out from the other players. My son has attended Heb’s Advanced Infield Camps the past 2 years, and his skills and confidence have improved as a result of working with Jeff Hebner. For me, the proof has been the feedback my son has received from other baseball coaches or instructors – they have commented on his advanced footwork, angles to the ball, glove presentation and his ability to make a variety of plays that infielders must make to be successful. We have attended other fielding camps, but what is different about Heb’s Camp is that he will show you multiple techniques to make the same play – you will build a “tool box” of skills to be a better infielder. You can always find hitting instructors, but it has always been difficult to find good fielding instructors / camps – that was until Heb started his fielding camps in the fall of 2013 – his first year in the Portland area. My son is a sophomore, and we look forward to attending future Heb Infield Camps. My only regret – I wish Jeff Hebner Infield Camps were available when my son was younger."

Jeff Dumont - Father of JD / A Heb’s Infield Camper

"This is the first year that we have attended Heb's Infield Training camp - The first day of Camp #1 it was noticeable that there was immediate learning of new skills and an obvious desire to return for more. Heb and his staff are very good with instructing the students and making learning enjoyable!"


"Tyler (age 10) has taken three "advanced infield" camps from Heb, two last winter and one this fall. Tyler really liked the camps as they were challenging, fast paced, and offered an opportunity to learn and practice skills that are not generally learned until high school. Coach Heb doesn't let you fool around; he expects a lot out of 9-10 yr olds but is wiling to go over drills multiple times in order that no one gets left behind. For young players, don't worry other kids throwing too hard at your child, especially in a close indoor environment, coach Heb will cover that and will focus more on proper fielding and throwing techniques rather than hard throwing. All in all, we are very happy with coach Heb's camps."

Bill & Irene

"My son is 17 and has been playing baseball since T-Ball. Of all the camps, travel teams, clinics, etc., we have done over the years Heb's Infield Camps are a solid investment. We typically do a couple camps in a row. Heb watches, coaches and cares about every student. No doubt Heb has helped my son become a better player.

Brian Keep

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